Tax Information and Forms

Before students begin working at Warren Wilson, the following tax forms need to be completed: NC-4. W-4, and I-9. Together, these three forms verify both the eligibility of the student to work in the United States and the tax status of each student.  If students would like to consult with their parents, guardians, or family CPA before filling out these forms for Orientation, they can print them out and begin working on them. Upon arrival, representatives from the WPO and CPAs will complete them with students during the check-in process at Orientation:

In addition to these forms, representatives from the WPO need to see the following original, unexpired forms documentation at the first day of Orientation:

  1. Passport -OR-
  2. Birth Certificate AND Valid ID (state-issued ID, student ID) -OR-
  3. Social Security Card AND Valid ID (state-issued ID, student ID)

This documentation verifies students’ eligibility to work on-campus in the state of North Carolina.

Students should expect to fill out these forms at least once during their time working at the College. If a student is claiming “exemption” from taxes on their NC-4 or W-4 forms, the student should expect to fill out those forms on a yearly basis to renew their tax-exempt status.