Student Evaluations

Each semester, students evaluate themselves using their crew specific Learning and Performance Evaluation (LPEs). These electronic evaluations are completed by the student as part of their end of semester self-reflection. Simultaneously, the student’s supervisor evaluates each student against the same measures. A fully completed evaluation cycle ends with student and supervisor reviewing together the student’s past and anticipated learning and performance. The final evaluations scores are used to calculate a student’s Work Grade Point Average (Work GPA). Any notes made by the supervisor in the transcript section of the LPE will be included in a student’s official Work Transcript. Should a student judge that the evaluation is unjust as completed by the crew supervisor; the student should discuss their concerns with the supervisor in hopes of finding common ground and reaching a mutually satisfactory evaluation. The student is free to submit written comments on his or her evaluation and may request an individual meeting with the Dean of Work.


Supervisor Evaluations

Work crew supervisors are educators. Students are given the opportunity to evaluate their supervisors at the end of each semester. These evaluations provide the supervisor with feedback concerning their teaching and mentoring, as well as the overall work crew experience. Students complete an online evaluation of their supervisor. Summaries of these evaluations are shared with the supervisors and their direct supervisors. In addition, supervisor evaluations are reviewed the Dean of Work for concerns and praise.



Evaluation Resources

LPE How To Student

LPE How To Supervisor

LPE Agreement