Green Living Guide

from the Environmental Leadership Center’s Campus Greening Crew

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Warren Wilson College Sustainability Vision Statement

We acknowledge that a complex web of economic, social, cultural, spiritual and environmental factors determine the well-being of our community.
We recognize our power as individuals, and in community, to influence these complex, interdependent relationships.
We strive to make responsible decisions that take into account the multiple dimensions of sustainability in order to ensure quality of life now and for generations to come.

The WWC community recognizes a commitment to sustainable or “green” living as an obligation to act responsibly to positively affect the planets health and longevity. To achieve this, we must keep our awareness open to the ecological, social, cultural, economic and spiritual dimensions of sustainable practice on our campus.

Sustainability is woven into the fabric of WWC. It is grounded in our rich history of place and purpose, embedded by generations of community members who have modeled our fundamental commitment to connect values to action. The practice of sustainability flows from the college mission, which serves as our compass for responsible citizenship, and from our unique liberal arts model of engaged learning.

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At WWC, we strive to act as responsible citizens of the global village and remain informed, dedicated and passionate members of our own unique community. This guide is intended to help us take on such a mosaic of responsibility. So, take advantage of this resource which has been put together with lots of care and intention! Find a way to get involved that resonates with you and continue to let your positive impact grow!