Wellness Center


Welcome, friends! The goal of the Wellness Program is to help the members of the Warren Wilson College community create, pursue and practice a lifestyle of wellness. The Wellness Program organizes many campus activities including ongoing classes in yoga, vegetarian cooking, and workshops on topics such as herb identification, gender-specific health, healing arts, meditation, and Earth skills.The office is staffed by crew members who provide weekly open hours for students, staff, and faculty to drop in for bodywork (massage, energy healing, cupping), tea, empathy, and health information. One-on-one sessions can be arranged with specific crew members for issues that require more support than is able to be given for open hours.

The Wellness Program also has an acupuncturist who comes to the office weekly to offer reduced-rate acupuncture. Additional endeavors of the program include a lending library and an apothecary of herbal medicines available for community purchase.

The program was student-created and is student-driven. Activities vary from year to year as dedicated crew members decipher community needs and facilitate campus events that inspire and ignite wellbeing.

Bodywork open hours are held on Tuesdays from 4:30 pm-6pm in Upper Vining C. To request a one-on-one, email Nick Stuer at nstuer@warren-wilson.edu, at least two days in advance, with your desired times and any special needs.

We are located in Upper Vining C Ext.# 5848 CPO# 6203

The crew offers Tai Chi form and push hands classes!

We are currently in the process of updating and improving our website. Please bear with us through these changes. If you have any questions, please email or speak with a member of the Wellness Crew.  Please DON’T email wwcwellness@gmail.com.  That email is not for contacting the wellness crew.  Please email a crew member directly.