Warren Wilson Early Support Network

The Early Support Network

The Early Support Network functions as a safety net so that students can be successful during their time at Warren Wilson.  We do so by providing timely and supportive intervention for students who are experiencing difficulties or may be presenting a risk to themselves or others.

In cases where the student is in extreme distress or is expressing an intent to harm self or others, immediate intervention is appropriate and you should either contact the Student Life Office at 828-771-3800, or the Counseling Center.  After hours you should contact Public Safety, (daytime-828-771-3029, evenings/weekends only-828-230-4592); they will contact the appropriate staff member to assist you.

Concerns to report to Early Support at earlysupport@warren-wilson.edu may include the following:

  • lack of attendance at class or work
  • lack of submitting course work assignments on time or at all
  • a substantial change in behavior or emotions
  • actions or expression of feelings that might be consistent with anxiety, extreme stress, chronic substance abuse or depression
  • behavior that is disruptive to the residence hall, class, or work environment.

Early Support should also be alerted if you know of a student who is dealing with a family, relationship, or peer situation where the student may benefit from additional support and/or assistance.

The Early Support Team

When you send an email to Early Support it will be opened by the Administrative Assistant for Student Life.  You will then receive an acknowledgement that your concern has been received. It’s preferable to receive the alert by email because it provides us a way to track communication most effectively.  After receiving the email, the email is forwarded to the Early Support Team who may suggest or initiate an immediate intervention or bring the concern to the Early Support Team meeting.

The Early Support Team is generally comprised of:

  • the Dean of Students and the Student Life Administrative Assistant
  • a representative from the Work Program
  • a representative from Academic Affairs
  • a representative from Admissions
  • a representative of Residential Life
  • all Academic Support Services staff

This group meets at the same time each week and decides upon an intervention strategy as appropriate.  Interventions may take the form of an employee or ES Team member reaching out to a student to let them know of the concerns and offer available resources and support, RA or RD check-ins, advisor or counselor out-reach, or follow-up through Academic Support or the WPO.If it is appropriate, a member of the team will get back to the person sending the concern  to share information.  A record of emails and interventions is stored in a data base available only to the Early Support Team.

In addition to reporting the concern, we suggest that you talk with the student about your concern and make sure the student is aware of available campus resources.  It can also be very stressful to be in a supportive role with a student who is experiencing distress.  Please keep in mind that counselors are available to provide support and consultation to you on best methods for giving care and setting boundaries.


The guiding principle behind sharing information about a student is to provide support to that individual student and any others in the community who may have been affected by the student’s behavior.  Information will be shared only with members of the Early Support Team and those other individuals who have a specific reason to be informed.  While others within the community can decide about sharing information based on what is in the best interest of the student and/or the community, counselors are able to share information only when there is an immediate threat to the student or others.

Contact Information

EARLY SUPPORT TEAM: earlysupport@warren-wilson.edu

Student Life Office: 828-771-3800

Counseling Center: Art Shuster — 828-771-3773, Jil Meadows — 828-771-3905

Public Safety: Daytime — 828-771-3029, evenings/weekends only — 828-230-4592