Emergency Information

If you think you have been sexually assaulted and/or raped and are seeking medical treatment and/or want to file a police report at the hospital:

  • Try to avoid taking a shower, eating, smoking, changing your clothes, or using the bathroom (if possible)
  • If you have changed your clothes, bring those clothes with you
  • Go to the hospital as soon as possible
  • You can contact the CGR/RISE Hotline (828.337.3264)
  • Or, you can contact Public Safety (828.230.4592), though speaking with them will not be confidential because they are required to inform the Dean of Students and they may need to warn the community if there is a continued potential danger to the community
  • An Our VOICE advocate will be called to meet you at the hospital, though it is your choice whether they stay or leave
  • You can bring partners, friends, or anyone else that might make your experience more comfortable.

In the Emergency Room, you can receive:

  •  A medical examination and/or treatment
  •  Prophylaxis (antibiotics to prevent certain STIs)
  •  Evidence Collection (if considering pressing charges)
  •  The Morning After Pill (if applicable)

If you are not interested in pressing charges, you can choose to do a blind report that includes giving as much information as you are comfortable with to Our VOICE or you can file an anonymous report with CGR/RISE.  This information will be kept on file in case another person experiences an act of violence by the same person.