Issue Areas

We have regular programming in each of five issue areas, which are supported by student crew members in the Service Program Office. They include:


Purpose: The Environment issue area includes working with projects that involve conservation and working on different habitat restoration projects around the Asheville/Buncombe area. Additionally, this issue area facilitates INSULATE, a project that focuses on decreasing carbon emissions by weatherizing the homes of low income families who also benefit financially by making their homes more energy efficient.


Regular Service Opportunities:
Asheville GreenWorks. Maintaining and creating orchards.
Insulate, weekends from mornings into afternoons. Insulates the homes of low-income families to help save energy and money.

Food Security

Purpose: The Food Security issue area works closely with community gardens and local food banks in Asheville/Buncombe area. This focus group also works hands-on with school gardens and other projects to help promote the concepts of healthy living, create awareness about hunger, and explore the vast topic of food security.


Regular Service Opportunities:
MANNA Foodbank.Volunteers do a variety of tasks including repackaging food and packing food boxes.
Loving Food Resources, 1st and 4th Saturday of the month from 9:30am to 3:30pm, LFR is a local food pantry that serves those who receive Hospice care, volunteers assist customers, weigh and carry boxes, and assist with clean up.

Housing and Homelessness

Purpose: The Homelessness and Housing issue area focuses on community awareness and economic development in the Asheville/ Buncombe area. Students engage with agencies that work to create a strong safety net for people experiencing homelessness, sustainable solutions to the challenges of homelessness, and decent and affordable housing options for all.


Regular Service Opportunities:
AHOPE, day shelter for the homeless population of Western North Carolina, several volunteers needed for various tasks on a weekly basis.
Room In the Inn, On campus opportunity, traveling shelter for women experiencing homelessness.

Race and Immigration

Purpose: The Race and Immigration issue area is committed to helping Warren Wilson students toward an understanding of the concepts and effects of racial injustice and issues involving immigration within local, national, and global realms. This issue area works closely both with local non-profits and the Warren Wilson community to advocate for a strong and diverse community rooted in respect and understanding of our collective cultures, ethnicities, and experiences.


Regular Service Opportunities:
Manos, Every Monday from 5:30-8 pm. Mentoring program in which volunteers work with Latino youth. Year-long commitment.

Youth and Education

Purpose: The Youth and Education issue area provides opportunities for students to work with children in grades K-12. Warren Wilson students are able to bond and work closely with children through tutoring and mentoring programs. The issue area works closely with community members and non-profits to provide education on issues and successes of schools, identity in youth, and effects of poverty on youth.


Regular Service Opportunities:
Kids on Campus (Big Brothers Big Sisters program) Every Tuesday 2:30-5:30, 1 year commitment required. Bigs are matched with a young person for fun activities each week at an afterschool program on Warren Wilson’s Campus.
Burton Street Community Center (Big Brothers Big Sisters program) Every Monday 2:30-5:30, 1 year commitment required. Bigs are matched with a young person for fun activities each week at an afterschool program.
Eco Team, times and days vary, during school hours. Teach environmental education to 3rd graders in local elementary schools.
YWCA, Every Monday and Thursday 3:30-6:30pm; Work with school-aged children tutoring and mentoring in the afterschool program.

Additional Issues

Although the Service Program focuses on five issue areas, we provide support for service in many other areas. Contact the Center for Community Engagement Front Office to ask about trips in additional issue areas.


Black Mountain Neuro Medical Treatment Center

Hinds Feet Farm


Animal Welfare:

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Asheville Humane Society


Youth Outright

Be Loved House

Blue Ridge Pride