Ways to Engage with the Community

There are so many ways to engage with our community that also fits your interests and schedule!

Issue Area Programming:

The Center for Community Engagement offers regular (usually weekly or biweekly) service opportunities, educational programming and policy connections in five different issue areas:
Food Security
Housing & Homelessness
Race & Immigration
Youth & Education

In each area we have crew members who are knowledgeable about the issue available to groups and classes to provide information and background for exploration of the issue.  They also lead regular service trips. We also have crew liaisons who have experience in the areas of Animal Welfare and Health.

Break Trips:

Alternative Break Trips are week long service experiences that happen over Fall and Spring Break.  The focus of Break Trips vary each semester.  Break Trips focus on issues such as:   food security, the environment, housing and homelessness, race and immigration, youth and education.  Break Trips are designed and co-led by two students.  In addition, a Faculty/Staff Learning Partner participates in each Break Trip. We will post the most current offerings in our news feed at the beginning of each semester.  Warren Wilson College is a member of Break Away, a national non-profit organization that promotes the development of quality alternative break programs through training, assisting and connecting campuses and communities.

Students who co-lead Break Trips can fulfill PEG 3 of the Community Engagement Commitment.  Student participants in Break Trips can fulfill PEG 2 of the Community Engagement Commitment.

Contact Missy Harris, Break Trip Program Coordinator, for more information about how to get involved.

Service-Learning Classes:

Service-learning is:

  • a credit-bearing, educational, experience students participate in organized service activities that meets identified community needs
  • reflect on the service activity to gain further understanding of course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline,
  • and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.

From: Robert Bringle and Julie Hatcher, A Service Learning Curriculum for Faculty. The Michigan Journal of Community Service-Learning, Fall 1995, pp.112-122

Click here to see a list of service-learning courses that partially and fully satisfy Points of Engagement and Growth. Contact Brooke Millsaps, for more information on service in academics as well as community based research.

Issue Workshops:

These eight-week long workshops give Warren Wilson students a spectrum of experiences within one issue.  Through direct service and educational meetings, students gain a better understanding of how current policy affects community agencies and the populations they serve.  Time is set aside for students to meet with local experts, hear the stories of those directly involved, and reflect upon how their own perceptions of the issue over the course of the workshop.

Workshops enroll 6-10 students who participate as a group in direct service and advocacy and policy work to gain a better understanding of the issue. An attendance agreement is required. Participation in an Issue Workshop fulfills PEG 2 of the Community Engagement Commitment or counts toward the 100 hour service requirement. Keep an eye on our news feed to find out about the most current offerings or email the Service Program Office for more information.

Service with Work Crews and Student Groups:

Did you know that you can receive service and work hours simultaneously? Contact Mara McLaughlin-Taylor, Director of Community Engagement Outreach, to coordinate and receive support in doing service as a group.


Internships with community partners can often count for service hours and may complete the PEG 3 requirement. Talk to the Internship Office in the Career Development Center for more details.

Service On Your Own:

Already have plans? Interested in a specific area or partner? You’re always free to do service on your own.
Not sure what counts as service? Take a look at this handy reference.