Community Engagement Commitment PEGs for Transfers

For students who enter Warren Wilson with transfer student status, indicated by not
participating in a first year seminar, the following guidelines apply to completion of the
Community Engagement Commitment:

  • All transfer students should meet individually with the Associate Dean of Community Engagement or another designated member of the Center for Community Engagement staff during their first semester to review their service history and develop a plan for completing the Community Engagement Commitment.
  • If students feel that previous experience with community engagement meets the
    guidelines for one or more of the PEGS, they will be invited to write the reflection for
    those PEGs.
  • The reflection will be evaluated and if it meets the requirements, the PEG will be marked
  • Students will be responsible for completing all remaining PEGs, regardless of the order
    of the completed PEGs, for instance a student will still complete PEG 1 even if PEG 2
    was met by previous experience.
  • If students have had extensive service experience prior to their time at WWC and they
    demonstrate that they have met the criteria for PEGs 1, 2 and 3, then only the service
    “residency” requirement of 50 hours of service will need to be completed while a
    student is at WWC. Those hours can be of any type and in any issue area. PEG 4
    must also be completed during the final year at WWC.
  • If students have limited time at Warren Wilson, but do not feel they have met any PEGs
    with previous engagement, they will work individually with the Associate Dean of Community Engagement to create a workable plan for the completion of the Community Engagement Commitment in the time available.