100 Hour Requirement

For some continuing students and new transfer students who have senior standing in the Fall of 2016:

Each student must complete 100 hours of community service, at least 25 hours of which must relate to a single issue area. Of the 100 hours, 60 must be completed before a student registers for classes for their final year.  Any direct service with a non-profit agency working to benefit the community is eligible to be counted toward the 100 hours.  If your service is outside of this definition or if you have questions about a potential service activity, please contact the Center for Community Engagement to confirm eligibility.

In addition, students must complete an Extended Service Project paper or presentation (ESP) reflecting on their experiences with the 25 hours of service in a single issue area before graduation.

2016-2017 Senior Deadlines

For December 2016 Graduates: 100 hours of service and the Extended Service Project (ESP) must be completed by November 30th, 2016.

For May 2017 Graduates: 100 hours of service and the Extended Service Project (ESP) must be completed by May 3rd, 2017.

The deadlines are intentionally set to be 1-3 weeks before registration or graduation so that any issues can be resolved in time to issue clearances to the registrar.

Extended Service Project


The extended service project, a graduation requirement for all Warren Wilson students under the 100 hour model, is a written or oral reflection on 25 hours or more of service within a single issue area. These may be hours that are also counted toward your 100 hour requirement and they may include service with one or multiple agencies.

Guidelines for a Written Essay

If you choose to do a written reflection, your essay should be approximately two pages, double- spaced, using a 12 point font. Your essay should respond to the prompt listed below in order to demonstrate what you have learned. You will submit your essay to the Service Program via Moodle. Upload your essay in ONLY a .doc or .pdf file format. If you have any questions email the Center for Community Engagement.

Guidelines for an Oral Presentation

If you choose to do an oral/visual presentation as your ESP reflection, you may do it individually or as part of a group you have done service with, such as a break trip, issue workshop or weekly. Individuals should plan for a presentation of about 15 minutes, groups may use 30-40 minutes with each member participating actively in preparation and presentation. You are encouraged to use slides, power point or other visual aids to enhance your presentation. Your audience must include at least two members of the service program staff as well as faculty and students who might be interested in your work. Community partners should also be invited whenever possible. Please contact the Center for Community Engagement at least one week before your presentation to schedule the time in order to make sure that staff are available. Following the presentation you will need to turn in a written outline or the power point of your talk for our records. Your presentation should respond to the prompt listed below in order to demonstrate what you have learned.


As a result of your 25 hours of service experience in one issue area, please discuss 1) what you learned about yourself (your interests, skills, values, etc.); 2) what you learned about the root causes of your issues and whether you saw connections to other issues; 3) what impact you believe your work had in the community; and 4) if you see ways to continue to be involved with this issue in the future.