Activism Fund

Student ActivismBeing active in the broader community has long been a tradition for students at Warren Wilson. In the college’s mission statement we talk of our commitment to encouraging the development of civic engagement and a sense of social justice. In order to support this pursuit of involvement in our local and global community the college has developed some suggestions to guide those connections and a fund to provide financial support for interested students.

The Activism Fund, overseen by the Activism Committee, supports individual students and student organizations or classes engaging in legal participation in events and activities that are intended to make a positive difference in the civic life of the community. These activities may include political and non-political experiences that raise awareness or promote systemic change around specific issues. Support from this Fund may be used toward, but is not limited to, capacity building events such as conferences, workshops, leadership training, networking, coalition building, off-campus activist events such as rallies, lobbying, boycotts, protests, direct action, and media activism.

To apply for funding for an activity or event, use the online application in the link at the left. Applications should be submitted via email to the VP of Applied Learning at at least two weeks before the event. The committee made up of one faculty, one staff and two students will then review the application and let you know about funding. The fund has $2,500 – $3,000 available to distribute each academic year.

Learn more about general guidelines for activism.

Read specific guidelines about applying for funds.

Download forms, including: the online application for funds, the waiver form required of all students utilizing activism funds and the request for reimbursement to use if you are granted activism funds.