Career Development Center

The Career Development Center creates meaningful connections to the world of work, empowering Warren Wilson College students and alumni to explore and identify their diverse interests, values, and passions. Programs and services intersect applied and academic learning and support the development of skills, networks, and knowledge for career and professional development.

Through your interactions with the programs, services, and staff of the Career Development Center, we want you to develop the skills that enable you to:

  • Craft excellent job, internship, fellowship and graduate school application materials including: resumes, cover letters, and personal statements while also honing your interviewing skills.
  • Research and explore the range of opportunities for service, experiential learning, work on and off campus, and/or education.
  • Reflect on, discern, and articulate your gifts, skills, interests, aptitudes, abilities, and values as well as the connections between your academic and applied learning experiences.
  • Link with various constituencies who will provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work and explore future career possibilities.
  • Practice and gain greater mastery needed to pursue, obtain, and sustain opportunities.

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