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Please remember when searching for outside scholarships never to apply for a scholarship that requires you to pay an application fee. There are absolutely no circumstances that should require you to release your social security or credit card numbers.

If you receive any outside scholarships, please send a copy of the award letter to our office as soon as possible!

North Carolina residents may reference College Foundation of NC’s website for helpful information about applying for college, financial aid, and merit-based scholarship.

Western North Carolina residents may reference the Community Foundation of WNC’s website for additional scholarships.


Salt® is an online service that helps WWC students plan for, pay for, and repay the cost of college.  From online courses, to one on one chats with expert counselors, Salt® gives you the ability to fully understand and control your finances.  Haven’t signed up yet?  visit and, using your WWC email, fill out the sign up form and in less than 5 minutes you can take control of your present AND future – for free.

Sometimes your financial aid package isn’t enough to cover the full cost of attendance.  Luckily, there are tons of outside scholarships available to college students, and Salt® has the tools to help you find them.  Interested?  Here’s an article featured on Salt® regarding scholarships with upcoming deadlines, or click here to access the Salt® scholarship search engine.

Getting organized is Step 1 no matter what you’re trying to tackle.  Sometimes it can seem like a hassle, so why not let Salt® do it for you?  The “Know What You Owe” tool allows you see all your loans, credit cards and more in one place, making it easy to track down how much total debt you have, how much you pay in bills every month, and what the interest rate on your loans are.

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The Financial Aid Office occasionally receives information about funding sources that differs from the usual scholarship information we post. While we want to let you know about these opportunities, we don’t endorse them. We also encourage you to consider all aspects of the process before applying or participating. We welcome your feedback on your experience with these sources to help us determine their value.

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