Reapplying for Aid

Each year, you will need to reapply for need-based aid by completing a renewal FAFSA at The renewal FAFSA may be filed any time after October 1st and must be completed using your and your parents completed federal income tax return information from the prior prior year We recommend utilizing the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA to upload your tax and income information directly into the FAFSA.

Continuing student awards will be packaged beginning in April. Awards will be completed in the order in which the FAFSA and any requested documents are received. You are strongly encouraged to file the FAFSA by mid-February and to submit any required documentation to the Financial Aid Office prior to April 1st.

Please Note: A financial aid package will not be processed and aid will not be credited to the student’s account until all verification materials have been received. The Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan(s) will not be credited until you have accepted the loans on Net Partner, completed Entrance Counseling, and completed an MPN (if Entrance Counseling and MPN have not previously been completed at WWC).

WWC honor and merit scholarships will be renewed if the student has made Satisfactory Academic Progress, in addition to fulfilling the renewal requirements specified in their original WWC scholarship letter. You may also see more information about renewal with our Scholarship Renewal Policy.

In order to retain a WWC honor or merit scholarship during an institutional Leave of Absence (LOA), you must take an official leave by applying by the deadline with the Registrar’s Office. Contact the Registrar’s office for the timeline for completing a Leave of Absence request.