Application for Readmission

After a period of non-enrollment at Warren Wilson, please contact Sharon Lytle in the Office of Admission at 800-934-3536 or 828-771-2075 or email There is no application for readmission, and the Common Application is not to be used for readmission.  If approved for readmission, you must submit a $300 deposit to hold your position within the class.

You may download a PDF of the Readmission Questions or you may simply email the following:

Part I: Contact and Background Information

  • Full Name, Birthdate, and Former Address
  • Updated Contact Information (address, email, phone numbers)
  • What semester and year are you applying for?
  • Did you leave Warren Wilson College in good standing?
  • Did you leave Warren Wilson College on academic, work, or social probation/suspension?
  • Who was your advisor?

Part II: Statement of Return

Please let us know the reasons you left the College, what you have been doing in the interim, and why you now feel ready to return. (No minimum or maximum of words but the more you are willing to share, might make your transition and your steps towards graduation easier for us to help you.)

Part III: Other College Credit

Have you taken any classes elsewhere since leaving Warren Wilson College? If yes, we will need the official transcripts from that college as soon as possible. If you are currently enrolled in classes, please list those in this email.

Part IV: Steps Toward Your Return

  • What will be your intended major now and would you like to request an advisor?
  • Do you plan to live on campus or off campus?
  • Is there a work crew, service program, dorm, or roommate you would like to request?
  • Is there anything else you would like for us to know?

Applicants for readmission will need to provide the College with updated contact information, any transcripts showing college courses completed since leaving Warren Wilson College, and a statement of return which addresses the applicant’s reasons for leaving, what they have done in the interim, and why they are now ready to return.