Academic Advising

Academic advising enables students to build relationships with faculty members who assist them in actively planning and attaining their academic, career, and life goals. Each student has an Academic Advisor. Academic Advisors are community members who facilitate students’ progress towards graduation and career goals. Through this advisee-advisor relationship, students grow in their understanding of their interests and abilities by discussing academic, work, and service opportunities at Warren Wilson College.

Incoming students are assigned a first-year advisor or transfer advisor. Additionally, new students have a ‘web of influence’ that includes a first-year advisor, a first-year seminar instructor, a peer group leader, a work crew supervisor, and student life staff. These individuals each have a role in supporting, encouraging, and guiding students.

At the time of major declaration, students choose select faculty members in their chosen fields of study to serve as their advisors.

Students should take advantage of the opportunity afforded them through their relationship with their academic advisor. This faculty member is uniquely poised to be a student’s advocate, guide, and referral agent. Students are responsible for knowing and acting in accordance with college policies. Students are individually responsible for monitoring progress in satisfying the requirements for graduation established by the College in general and by the major department. An academic advisor can help students meet these responsibilities.