FAQs about the Office of the Registrar

1. How do I get an Official Transcript?

You can have an official transcript sent to you or the college/employer who needs it by filling out the Transcript Request Form or by coming by the Registrar’s Office. It costs $5 dollars per undergraduate transcript, $7.50 per MFA transcript. It takes about three days for transcript requests to be processed and sent out. See the Transcript Requests page for more details.

2. How do I withdraw from a class?

You withdraw from a class by using the Withdrawal form, which you can get only from the Registrar’s Office. Fill out the form and have both your advisor and the professor sign it. Remember that there are consequences for a withdrawal that would leave you with less than 12 credits overall. If you are not enrolled in at least 12 credits, your financial aid and on-campus living situation may be compromised. However, you can add classes to make up for the credits you’ve lost which brings us to…

3. How do I add a class, and when is the Add/Drop period?

During Registration and Add/Drop periods, you add your classes online via CampusWEB. You cannot add more than 18 credits in a semester without paying overtime hours. If you want to add a waitlisted or restricted class, you need an add form, which you must come by the Registrar’s Office to get. Fill out the form, and have your professor sign it. Add/Drop periods happen during the first four days of a semester or term. In this period, you can add/drop classes online without penalty. It is only for waitlisted classes that you need an add form, or if you are adding the class after the deadline, known as a late add, for which you need a petition, which leads us to…

4. What’s a petition and how do I submit one?

A petition is a form that requests an exception to the rules, such as taking more classes in a semester than is allowed or to add a class after the add/drop period. THESE ARE NOT GIVEN OUT WILLY-NILLY. A petition is submitted to the Registrar’s Office for consideration. The sooner you submit one the better your chances are if you missed a deadline.

5. When can I declare a major?

You can declare a major at any time; however, you must declare one by registration for your junior year, or during your second semester as a sophomore. If you do not declare a major by then, you will not be allowed to register for the next semester’s courses.

6. How do I declare a major?

You can declare a major by picking up a major declaration form from the Registrar’s Office. On this form you can also change your advisor and declare a minor.

7. Is this where I reset my CampusWEB password?

Yes. You need to bring your Campus ID so that we can validate who you are, and then we will give you a temporary password so you can log in to CampusWEB. Once you have done that, you can change your password in CampusWEB so it is easier to remember.

8. When is my registration time?

Your registration time depends on how many credit hours you have completed at the time of registration. It does NOT include the current semester’s hours because you have not completed them yet. Seniors register first, then second-semester juniors, first-semester juniors, second-semester sophomores, first-semester sophomores, and then freshmen. Registration occurs during a single week, but it remains open after the week if you need to add or drop classes. You can continue to access and adjust your registration until the end of the term or semester’s Add/Drop period. For further details about registration, please see Registration Instructions & Notes.

9. How do I see what courses are available for registration?

By going to your CampusWEB account, you can see a schedule of courses being offered for the next semester. Once you are actually registering, there will be sidebars next to the class that tells you the information you need to know about the class, including time, professor, number of students enrolled and the limit on students who can enroll. There is an add button the right that you click, and this registers you for the course once you hit submit. Hit the Submit button ONLY once. A notification will tell you if you are being put on the waitlist. For further details about registration, please see Registration Instructions & Notes.

10. How does the waitlist work?

You are placed on the waitlist for a course if the course that you want is full but you still wish to take it. Once the new semester starts, you pick up an add form from the Registrar’s Office and take it to the waitlisted class with you. Before or after class, approach the professor about adding his or her class. Have them sign the form, and you then bring it by the Registrar’s Office. This will allow us to override the course limit and add you to the class. If you are added to a waitlisted course, but you had enrolled in a different course in case you could not get into the waitlisted course, make sure to drop the other backup course before the end of the Add/Drop deadline. Once the Add/Drop period is over, those still on the waitlist will most likely not be in the class, unless they submit a petition.

11. How many credits can I take per semester?

You can take anywhere from 12-18 credits to be enrolled full-time at Warren Wilson. Twelve is the absolute minimum, if you drop below 12  your work, scholarships, and housing will be in jeopardy. Eighteen is the most you can take and still pay the standard tuition. You may petition to go over 18, but  credit beyond 18 is billed an additional tuition charge ($725 for the Fall of 2014). Students may not enroll in over 22 credits in a semester. First semester freshmen are not allowed to petition to take more than 18 credits.

12. How do I re-take a course?

If you do not do well in course the first time around, and if you need it to graduate, you can retake the course. You register for it online like you would any other course, but it is best to come by the Registrar’s Office and make us aware that you are repeating the course. No course may count more than once for credits toward graduation. You can repeat a total of only 13 credit hours.

13. How do I audit a course?

Auditing a course means you sit in on a course and participate in all assignments but you are not receiving credit for that course. To audit a course, simply talk to the instructor and get their permission. Please note that studio art classes and applied music lessons cannot be audited, as this takes space and resources away from students seeking credit for those courses.

14. Can I take classes at UNC-Asheville or Mars Hill College?

Yes you can. Thanks to a cross-registration consortium agreement, a full-time Warren Wilson College student may take one course free of charge at UNC-Asheville or Mars Hill College. Typically the courses that you are allowed to take at UNCA/MHC are courses not offered at Warren Wilson College, such as German or Ballet.

To take classes, pick up a cross-registration form from the Registrar’s Office or download one here. Fill out the cross-registration form and turn it in to us, and the Registrar’s Office will take care of the rest. However, you are not guaranteed a spot in the class. It works like a waitlist, and priority is given to UNCA students.

15. How do I apply for an Independent Study?

You can apply for an Independent Study if you are not a first-year student. You can download the Independent Study form here. You cannot duplicate a class already being offered during the current academic year, and you can register for a maximum of only 4 independent study credit hours in a semester. The Vice President for Academic Affairs reviews all applications. The form must be signed by the supervising instructor, the department chair, the student’s academic advisor, and the library director. The form must be turned in prior to the first day of the term or semester. Independent Study courses do not meet General Education requirements.

16. How do I apply for academic credit for an internship?

Speak with the Internship Program Coordinator in the Career Development Center to learn how to gain credit for an internship experience. You can also learn more about the process by visiting www.warren-wilson.edu/student-career/internships

17. When’s the Deadline?

Deadlines vary based on semester, terms, and the actual event or form the deadline is for. But as a general rule:

  • Add/Drop Deadline: 4 days after the start of the semester or term.
  • Independent Study Form: due before the first day of the semester in which the Independent Study is planned to occur.
  • Withdrawal Deadline: The deadline to withdraw from a class with a non-punitive grade of W is the end of the 9th week for a semester class, or the end of the 4th week for a term class.
  • Leave of Absence forms: due before the end of the last semester that you are still attending classes.

18. When should I turn this form in?

No matter what form it is, for anything, it is always better to turn it in sooner rather than later.

19. Is this Accounting?

No. The Registrar’s Office is not Accounting. The Accounting office is located on the second floor of Ogg, which is the building right next door to Laursen. Financial Aid is also in Ogg, on the first floor.

20. Do I turn in Senior Letters at the Registrar’s Office?

No. You can pick up the prompt for the Senior Letter from the Registrar’s Office, but the hard copy must be turned in to the head of the department of your major. You do email an electronic copy to the Registrar’s Office after submitting it to the department chair.

21. How do I apply for a Leave of Absence?

Come by the Registrar’s Office and pick up a Leave of Absence (LOA) form. This form must be signed by your advisor. Then go to Accounting and pay the registration fee for when you return, effectively holding your spot for the next semester. You can go on a Leave of Absence for only two semesters in a row without having to reapply for admission. LOA Students keep their registration priority.

22. How do I check/see my progress in getting my degree?

A new application of CampusWEB called Degree Audit is now available. This software allows you to see which classes you need to take to complete your major and which GEs you need to meet to graduate. This also includes a What-If screen, in which you can see what classes you would need to take if you wanted to change your major.

23. How do I get credit for Summer School courses taken at other institutions?

Come to the Registrar’s Office and pick up a Pre-Approval form. Print off course descriptions of the classes that you are planning to take, and the Registrar will determine if the class is acceptable to transfer back to Warren Wilson College.

24.  How do I register for Warren Wilson College’s Summer School?

During Registration, go to My Registration on your CampusWEB screen and click the bubble for the summer term you wish to enroll in. From there, you simply register for classes like you normally would for the Fall or Spring Semester.

25.    How do you decide which courses transfer to Warren Wilson College?

Provided a student earns a grade of C or better, we accept classes that are comparable to a class at Warren Wilson College. Some courses in fields that we don’t offer will not transfer, such as engineering courses, but most liberal arts courses will. If we cannot compare the course to a Warren Wilson College course, we will ask you to submit a course description. Some courses also meet General Education requirements. Keep in mind, however, that we only accept a maximum of 64 credits from a 2 year institution such as a community college. Additionally, to earn a Warren Wilson College degree, students must complete at least 32 semester hours at the junior or senior level.

26.  Where is the Registrar’s Office and how can I contact you?

The Registrar’s Office is on the second floor of the Laursen Administrative Building. We have a nice window, so we’re easy to find. You can contact us via the window, email (registrar@warren-wilson.edu) or over the phone at (828) 771-2086.

27.  When are you open?

The Registrar’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm. Times and days will vary over holidays and breaks.