Psychology at Warren Wilson

Psychology courses leading to a Bachelor of Arts at Warren Wilson provide an opportunity to explore human behavior and mental processes from a variety of theoretical, philosophical, and empirical perspectives. Courses provide our majors with excellent preparation for post-graduate employment and/or graduate study. In addition, professors use a variety of experiential learning techniques (e.g., role-playing, service-learning, data collection, virtual rats, field trips) to help students connect theory with practice. The major is designed so that students can complete most of their coursework during the first three years, providing ample time for upper-level experiences (e.g., internships, independent study, independent research) that match students’ particular areas of interest.

Mission and Goals

Our Mission:

The Psychology Department seeks to prepare graduates who are able to use their understanding of psychology as they pursue their careers, contribute to the larger community, and live full and meaningful lives.  Its curriculum enables students to develop both breadth and depth of knowledge about psychology, its approaches to understanding human behavior and mental process, and its applications.

Our goals:

  • To help students develop an understanding of the theoretical concepts, methodology, and research-based findings in the foundation areas of psychology.
  • To assist students to understand applications of psychology to personal and societal issues.
  • To encourage students to use and respect skeptical inquiry, critical thinking, and the scientific approach to understanding behavior and mental processes.
  • To prepare students to be able to express themselves effectively in written and oral communication.
  • To help students understand themselves and others in a cultural context and develop interpersonal skills for diverse settings over the lifespan.



Martha Knight-Oakley, Ph.D. (Department Chair)
Cristina L. Reitz-Krueger, Ph.D
Jennifer Mozolic, Ph.D.
Bob Swoap, Ph.D.

Student Research

Advanced research is an option for upper level psychology majors. This allows students to design and conduct original research, and present their findings to the community.

Special Opportunities

 Independent Studies

Independent study allows students to further investigate a particular topic of interest. The student meets regularly with a faculty advisor to devise a plan of study which includes a reading list in the area of interest.