Sound Lab

The Sound Lab is a dedicated space for the creation of digital sound. It encourages experiential and applied learning and offers opportunities for students to engage with media in new, creative and accessible ways and to build oral and aural communication skills.







The lab features a sound isolation booth along with professional-grade equipment and software in an open, comfortable and inviting environment conducive to effective student, staff and faculty learning and creation, along with professional library faculty and student work crew support, training and instruction.

The lab facilitates the creation of quality audio files covering a range of disciplines and topics that can readily be shared with a wide audience on a variety of online platforms. Sound creations can take many shapes and forms, including:

      Sound essays/storytelling employing traditional (and nontraditional) research methods
      Oral Histories
      Voiceovers, scores and sound effects for video projects
      Audio reflections that can be incorporated into student ePortfolios
      Music recording/instrument rehearsing
      Audio recordings of works of creative writing
      Community-based projects involving service work with community partners
      Sound collages created by art students that are incorporated into visual works to create multimedia works of art
      Work crew podcasts on topics specific to individual work crews or interviews with professionals working in related fields

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The Sound Lab is a grant-funded project made possible by funding from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) as administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.