Library Reserves

Reserve Request Form

Use this online form to initiate requests for reserve items to be placed at the Circulation Desk.

Reserves are items that faculty, staff, or students want to make available to their classes or the college community. These items may be books, copies of magazine or journal articles, videotapes, etc. They are kept behind the Circulation Desk, and vary in the amount of time that they may be checked out (checkout periods are set by the person who requests that the item be placed on reserve). Common circulation periods are 3 hours, overnight, and 3 days. Many of the items will have a 3-hour checkout period and are for Library Use Only.

Tips for Making Library Reserves Work Smoothly for Everyone

Because reserves are required reading and often belong to your professors, we do charge fines if they are late. Be warned—reserve fines are .25 cents per hour. It adds up fast.

Just ask at the Main Desk for the item that you need!