Library Mission Statement

Ellison Library Mission Statement

The Ellison Library is an active partner in shaping the College’s distinctive Triad educational program. We provide a dynamic space of inquiry, exploration, and discovery. We strive to create an atmosphere that facilitates learning, sparks curiosity, and inspires discovery by thoughtfully curating a collection of diverse information resources and by providing a variety of learning spaces.

We aspire to:

  • Serve as a welcoming social and intellectual center of the College, honoring differences to create an inclusive atmosphere where diverse voices are heard.
  • Partner with students, faculty, and staff in creating a learning environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, discovery, creativity, collaboration, and growth.
  • Enable and facilitate the development of skills necessary for research and academic discourse.
  • Embrace transformations in research and collections, building on the foundational collaboration between collections, technology, and media to redefine library services.
  • Empower a creative and energetic staff to experiment, expand the library’s reach across campus, and anticipate student needs in a rapidly changing world.
  • Adapt and design facilities, collections, formats, and access to promote an open and experiential learning environment.
  • Foster a productive work environment in which student crew members thrive and where their contributions are valued and celebrated.
  • Maintain/nurture a collegial work environment built on collaboration and consensus that values and celebrates the contribution of all staff members and supports their professional growth.


Adopted by the library staff on March 5, 2015