The Integrative Studies Major at Warren Wilson

The Integrative Studies major serves the needs of well-disciplined and self-motivated students whose interests integrate two or more disciplines under a Bachelor of Arts degree, which cannot be adequately addressed by a single major program at Warren Wilson College. The Integrative Studies option stems from the awareness that a student may be drawn toward in-depth investigation of questions, issues, or areas of interest that may be most effectively examined from a variety of perspectives. Thus, study of these interests may extend into fields that may not relate to any one of the existing academic disciplines or the interdisciplinary majors offered at Warren Wilson College.

The Integrative Studies major at Warren Wilson College enables students to develop and complete an individually designed major program. Although the major may or may not lead to professional competency within a field or area, it assists the student in developing a deeper understanding of a particular area or set of issues.

The student who wishes to consider this option must take responsibility for identifying and articulating the area of interest, and have the required the ability to work independently. Any member of the Integrative Studies Faculty Committee may provide assistance in developing the necessary focus and ideas for appropriate courses.


Gary Hawkins, Ph.D. – Writing
Carol Howard, Ph.D – English/Writing/Theatre
David Mycoff, Ph.D. English