Department of History & Political Science

The History and Political Science major at Warren Wilson College is one of the few programs at a leading liberal arts college to join these two disciplines in one major. At Warren Wilson, students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts majoring in history and political science are exposed to the methodologies and content of both these important disciplines, while also having the opportunity to complete a concentration in either history or political science. In this way, our majors benefit from both the broad exposure to the worlds of politics and history, while, at the same time, beginning to specialize in the discipline that interests them most.

This approach leaves our students well prepared to pursue a wide variety of opportunities after graduating from Warren Wilson.  Our students go on to graduate school in a wide variety of disciplines not restricted to political science and history. Graduates have completed higher and terminal degrees in law, international relations, public policy, and education. Students who have graduated from our program are now working as lawyers, professors, museum curators, television announcers, city and county politicians, leaders in the local food movement, secondary school teachers, and a wide variety of other careers.

History & Political Science courses are taught by professors who are deeply committed to undergraduate education while maintaining a record of scholarship that has gained national and international acclaim. Students learn in small classes. They choose from a wide range of courses taught from a variety of perspectives and covering the history and politics of the United States and of countries and regions around the globe.


Daleah Goodwin, Ph.D.
Dongping Han, Ph.D.
Chris Kypriotis, Ph.D.(Department Chair)
Philip Otterness, Ph.D. (Sabbatical 2016-17)
Tom Showalter, MACT

Student Research

All history and political science majors participate in the department’s senior seminar, where they carry out independent and original research based on work in local and regional archives. All students give public presentations of their senior projects to the campus community, and some go on to present their work at research conferences or to have it published in scholarly journals.