Global Studies at Warren Wilson College

The Global Studies major leading to a Bachelor of Arts provides an interdisciplinary program of study and experiential learning for students wanting both in-depth knowledge of a world region and fuller understanding of the processes connecting that region to the rest of the world. Each concentration provides opportunities for in-depth investigations of human experiences and interactions with social and natural environments. Introductory courses provide an overview of world geography, specific introductions to world regions, and the perspectives of different disciplines. Upper level courses combine some comparative breadth across different regions and disciplines and depth gained from a focus on one region.

The major also requires language study, experiential education away from the campus, and a senior level “capstone” seminar

The mission of the Global Studies Program is to prepare students to be responsible citizens of the world by challenging them to understand contemporary global issues, address the historical and geographical contexts of global inequalities, and engage research agendas from an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates the humanities, the social sciences, and environmental studies.

Students in the major must choose from one of the following four thematic concentrations:

  • Culture, Power, and Place (Exploration of globalization’s impact on customs and institutions, as well as how such developments relate to contested notions of identity, place, and nation.)
  • Environment & Society (Examination of the intersection of politics, the economy, and the environment within the context of globalization.)
  • Peace & Social Justice (Consideration of the roles of peace, war, and justice in the era of globalization.)
  • The Local & The Global (Investigation of contemporary Appalachia in comparative, interdisciplinary, and global frameworks.)

Students may complete a minor in Global Studies choosing from one of the four above thematic concentrations or the following additional two concentrations:

  • Appalachian Studies
  • Applied Geospatial Technology


David Abernathy, Ph.D. (Department Chair)
Christey Carwile, Ph.D.
Benjamin Feinberg, Ph.D.
Dongping Han, Ph.D.
Philip Jamison, Ph.D.
Kevin Kehrberg, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Keith, Ph.D.
Siti Kusujiarit, Ph.D.
David Moore, Ph.D.
Angela Philllips, Ph.D.

Special Opportunities

The Global Studies major stresses the importance of experiential education. To this end, all students must complete part of their education away from the Warren Wilson College campus. This component of the major varies depending on student interest and is arranged in conjunction with the student’s academic advisor. These experiences may range from a term or semester studying in a foreign country, to a short Warren Wilson international programs course, to an internship or extended service project. This component of the major should be planned well in advance. No credit is given for “prior learning.” This requirement should be met prior to the student’s senior year and must be met prior to the student’s last semester before graduation.