Faculty Resources


Click here for a list of links to commonly used forms and documents that fall under the Office of Academic Affairs.


In an effort to recognize the activities, awards, achievements, and other accolades of our faculty and to ensure teaching excellence for our students body, every faculty member (including part-time and adjunct) is required to submit to the Office of Academic Affairs an Annual Review and Self-Evaluation outlining each year’s work. These are responded to by Department and/or Division Chairs and maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs for periodic contract review. To complete and submit your annual review, use the appropriate online forms listed below:

Deadlines for submission of Annual Review and Self-Evaluation are as follows:

  • Faculty being reviewed for extended contract – January 15th
  • Faculty not being reviewed – March 1st

For more information on Annual Review and Self Evaluations, contact the Office of Academic Affairs academic@warren-wilson.edu.


Warren Wilson College presents awards to our faculty for excellence in teaching and research each year. These are The Faculty Teaching Excellence Award that is awarded based on student and peer nominations, which are reviewed by the Award Committee (comprised of past honorees), and The Magnarella Family Faculty Scholarship Award that is presented to full-time faculty for achievement in scholarly empirical and/or theoretical publications.

For more information on these awards, contact the Office of Academic Affairs academic@warren-wilson.edu.


Warren Wilson College does not offer tenure. Full time faculty are hired under “extended contract eligibility”. Contracts are awarded annually for a period of three years at which time a faculty is reviewed for a three-year contract. After completing these three years, the faculty is then reviewed for a seven-year contract and for successive seven-year contracts every seven years thereafter.

For more information on the extended contract review process, contact the Office of Academic Affairs academic@warren-wilson.edu or contact the Office of Human Resources at hr@warren-wilson.edu.


The Institutional Review Board exists to protect people who participate in research conducted at Warren Wilson College or by a member of the College community. Research that involves interviewing people, distributing surveys, conducting experiments on people, or even observing particular people in their daily lives is normally what we call research with human participants, and all such research requires some level of approval from the IRB.

If you are a participant in a Warren Wilson College research project, please see For Research Participants, which provides some information about your rights and gives you contact information in case you have any complaints or concerns about your treatment.

If you are a researcher, please browse through For Researchers. The links will help you determine whether your project qualifies as “research” with human participants and requires IRB action, and allow you to download the appropriate application form.

If you are a members of the IRB, please see the For IRB Members.

If you have questions, please send them to irb@warren-wilson.edu.


The Office of Academic Affairs aims to support and assist our faculty and their professional development through the annual funding of opportunities for participation in scholarly events (conferences and seminars) and research. To read more about the levels of funding available and to begin the process of seeking faculty development funding support, please fill out a funding proposal form.

For more information or assistance for submitting a funding proposal, contact the Associate Dean for Faculty, Gary Hawkins, Ph.D. ghawkins@warren-wilson.edu.


Warren Wilson College engages in program assessment as part of its continual improvement and institutional effectiveness work. Included in the SACSCOC and other important milestone reports, PEAR are submitted by nearly 70 units assessing not only student learning, but the effectiveness of academic support services and administrative support services.

For more information or assistance with completing and submitting your PEAR, contact the Director of Institutional Effectiveness Ali Climo, Ph.D. aclimo@warren-wilson.edu


The College recognizes the value of sabbaticals as an opportunity for faculty to pursue scholarship beyond what they are able to accomplish while also teaching a full load, and it also recognizes that sabbatical periods dedicated to scholarship inform and reinvigorate teaching. The College is committed to funding sabbaticals and aims to fund up to eight percent of the total number of full-time faculty members on extended contracts. The document Defining and Assessing Sabbatical Scholarship at Warren Wilson College outlines the College definition of scholarship as well as gives insight into the considerations for assessment of sabbatical applications.

For more information or assistance for applying for sabbatical leave and resources to support sabbatical, contact the Associate Dean for Faculty, Gary Hawkins, Ph.D. ghawkins@warren-wilson.edu.


Each course that is offered at Warren Wilson College with a few exceptions (Directed Independent Studies, Internships, Labs, etc.) are evaluated by the students taking these courses. Evaluations are collected and summarized for Institutional Research and Institutional Effectiveness milestones. The results are shared with the instructing faculty and maintained by the Office of Academic Affairs in the faculty permanent file for periodic contract review. For more information on Course Evaluations, contact the Office of Academic Affairs academic@warren-wilson.edu.