Reaching Beyond the Classroom

It’s called the Warren Wilson College Triad and our students will tell you that its three components – academics, work and service – equal more than the sum of their parts. And, no, you won’t find anything else quite like it in all of higher education.

For more than half a century, liberal arts academics, campus work and service to community have been interconnected facets of an educational whole at Warren Wilson. These three Triad elements are more than graduation requirements; each is essential to a one-of-a-kind education that prepares students for successful careers as well as for lives well lived.

The Triad’s foundation is a strong academic program that challenges students while giving them many options. With dozens of majors, minors and concentrations that offer students a variety of learning experiences in the classroom, laboratory and field, Warren Wilson students complete their degrees well prepared for their chosen career paths.

Complementing the rigorous academic offerings at Warren Wilson are integrated work and service programs that, again, allow students to follow their interests and passions. More than 100 campus work crews offer a remarkable range of work experiences, from recycling to blacksmithing to landscaping. Opportunities also abound within the service program, as students explore issue areas such as race and immigration, food security and the environment, often as part of their coursework.

Study abroad through Warren Wilson College International Programs provides further ways for students to enhance their Triad educational experience by learning more about the world and other cultures. Partly through their work crews, students also contribute to the College’s renown as a campus leader in sustainable practices and facilities. In short, the Warren Wilson College Triad offers an educational experience unlike any other.