Marketing & Design Services

Marketing is storytelling that seeks to influence the emotions and beliefs that inform our shared sense of value and identity. The Marketing department at Warren Wilson College provides strategic coordination and implementation of marketing to advance Warren Wilson College’s core values, mission and vision.

What makes a student apply or inspires a donor to make a gift? How does someone know that this place is “right for them” or “a good fit”? What is the soul of this place — the core that we grow so attached to? What do we mean when we say “Warren Wilson College”?

The beliefs and feelings surrounding this school — that swift-flowing current made up of words, emblems, memories, Snapchats, Instagram photos, old friends, sound bites on the evening news — is encompassed by the wholly inadequate word “brand.” Effective marketing begins with brand consistency and quality.

As marketers, we work to amplify those stories that embody our shared values, our mission and our vision for the future. As stewards of the College’s brand, we share your stories with a world of people ready to be excited by the good work you do here every day.

Services We Provide

The Marketing department provides a full range of goods and services to help promote your department, office or event:

  • Partnership in thinking through marketing needs within the overall institutional strategy
  • Advertising, including conceptualization, photo content, and design
  • Boilerplate paragraphs for use in press releases, grant writing and other forms or publications
  • Email design consultation for marketing purposes
  • Graphic design for print, online, social media and promotional items
  • Photography for news, publications, emails, web pages and social media
  • Promotional items for institutional purposes as well as for departments and offices
  • Visual identity, including the use of the college’s logo and its design standards